Lack of hope or purpose in Life

There is now a bigger division now than half a century ago between rich and poor. Just one per cent of the population of our world now have accumulated half the wealth. These very wealthy individuals contribute very little to benefit their fellow human beings, but rather live in luxury and enjoy the power their wealth facilitates.

Young people who are not happy with their lives, have few prospects to get a job or for their future. They are the ones who become vulnerable to ideas and promises made by wicked people who are easy to come across on the Internet. Recruitment of vulnerable and disenchanted young people boosts the ego and gives them the power to control others to groom them to become jihadists. The people they recruit are looking for a purpose in life and are at first happy to join a group who reinforce their notion that our materialistic society is unjust and wicked. They offer a way to right the wrongs of the world in the name of Islam by setting up groups around the world to destroy the order of society by killing the infidels and taking their possessions, food sources and weapons.

This plan of action appeals to their young recruits who are now brainwashed to have revenge on the society who they feel never cared for them or gave them any hope for the future. The dissatisfaction may have stemmed from growing up in poverty, racial abuse, family violence, sexual abuse as a child, or just simply the lack or opportunities to make something of themselves in this rapidly changing world. To put a stop to this radical terrorism who dishonestly carry out murder, rape and theft in the name of Allah, the governments and wealthy people of the world need to share the wealth more evenly and create jobs and the opportunities to have a comfortable and rewarding life with a purpose.

Every person on this earth should have the opportunity to a good education, an adequate health system, housing which includes a safe water supply, sewerage and electricity, enough money to raise a family with these opportunities, eat healthy food and to lead a happy and rewarding life. To achieve this, we need to completely change the way we live. This not only includes the sharing or wealth and providing a sustainable life for everyone, but also by looking after and repairing our environment, planning for future disasters and climate change, giving monetary incentives for families to have two children to help slowly reduce the earth’s population for sustainability or resources.

Now included in the book Lifestyle Renewal and Healthy Living on page 20.

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