Musings at Sea on a floating Nursing Home

Many elderly people in the Western world have realised that taking a long cruise at sea is better than being in a Nursing Home, as you have everything done for you. For instance – all you meals are of good quality and there is a huge variety to choose from, your room is kept spotlessly clean including your shower and toilet, bedding changed regularly, all entertainment onboard is free plus you have a variety of thing to participate in which is better than sitting in your room feeling lonely at home.

Unfortunately cruise ships do not cater for them to go offshore if the cruise ship does not dock at a wharf as the shuttle boats will only take one wheelie each. Also at many or the ports in undeveloped countries, the pavement is often broken and uneven which increases the risk of a fall. Despite all this, many still opt for a cruise for the company, the service and entertainment even though many of them are really too old to get around when the seas are rough or on days when they feel unwell and weak.

I came across such a cruise where 90 percent of the passengers were between 65 and 95 and so the cruise ship became to be known as the “Nursing Home on the Sea”

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