a lesson learned travel insurance for flight delays

Only last week I was booked on a Jetstar flight from Sydney and because of high winds, all domestic services were cancelled on the Thursday. I turned up to the airport and my flight was up on the board as if nothing was changed and then half an hour before the flight it was cancelled and I could not get on any flight that day. I was devastated and very upset that it took me over half an hour to locate and retrieve my luggage. I then had the expense and anxiety of returning back to Sydney city to arrange accommodation etc . The lesson learnt is that I did not extend my Travel insurance after returning to Australia from a cruise to include the last week of my holiday as I did not think anything would go wrong. As I did not take out the insurance with Jetstar when booking my flight, they refused to provide any compensation either. The next day I phoned Jetstar only to find out that my flight for that morning would most likely be cancelled too, so I extended my accommodation for another night and made a booking for the Saturday, when I did finally get a flight back home. So the lesson learned is to now take out some type of travel insurance to cover flight delays when you could be stuck in a city for 2 extra days like I was. In the meantime. enjoy the photos from my cruise Рthe first  one being the Ionani Palace in Honolulu, the second one is of the fresh fruit and vegetable market in Savu Savu (Fiji) and the last one is of the historic buildings in Hilo on the big island of Hawaii.

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