Eliminating undesired habits

When you listed all your problems on a piece of paper, you probably listed some habit, which you could not get rid of, even though you made several attempts to eliminate the habit. To rid yourself of an undesired habit, it is especially important to avoid the occasional reinforcement that will maintain this well-learned response. If you are really intent of ridding yourself of an undesired habit, then please heed the next few words: – “Adverse mental habits long indulged in cannot be cured simply by willpower, but only by the formation of contrary beneficial mental habits which gradually oust out the undesirable ones” You should never forget this when you attempt to cure yourself of faults and defects. Never allow any mental suggestion of self-depreciation to exist unchallenged even for an instant. Follow through with beneficial mental habits to replace the faults and defects of character that were previously handicapping you. You will endeavour to make sure that you do not slip even on one occasion, because one slip does more harm than the benefit from many days of effort to be self-confident. Just one moment of weakness where you indulge in the undesired habit does more harm, so creating a contrary beneficial habit is helpful every time that you attempted to avert your thoughts from the old habit.

By author Gerard Castles from the book “Lifestyle Renewal and Healthy Living” available at www.lifestylerenewal.com

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