5 Ways to Become More Energized

Have you ever felt emotionally or physically drained? That is, your mind wanted to get active but your body felt weak? If this typically sounds like feelings that you typically experience, it’s absolutely paramount that you take action now. You are in control of your energy, mood and your overall well being. You have the power to make things better and zap yourself back into energy producing mode. Here are some tips to get you on your way:

  1. Get Active.

This may sound crazy but the more active you become, the better you become. With this in mind get your body off the couch and start exercising. That’s right Walk…Run…Stretch…Jump your way to more energy.That’s right. The next time you feel lazy or exhausted. Simply get up and start doing a bit of exercise. Not only will it increase your endorphins but it will improve your serotonin as well and you’ll feel much more energy.  Come on, shake off that sluggish mood with exercise-it will work!

  1. Listen to music.

Yes, you feel down and exhausted and the more you think about your problems and situation, the worst you feel. Well, stop thinking and relax. Go on and put on your favorite DVD, the radio and blast some energizing and upbeat music that will help you feel better. A great harmonic sound from different musical instruments combined perfectly can energize your mind and make you feel good. So, what are you waiting for? Put on some music and dance your way to more energy.

  1. Be the powernap master.

Sometimes, you do not need a full 8 hours of sleep to feel totally reenergized. A quick nap can do some trick to your mind. Think of it as your laptop working all day and suddenly the battery is drained and when you charge it for just a little while, it starts working again. Well, your body is just like this. Sometimes it needs to be energized.

  1. Identify your active hours.

Everyone has peak performance periods where you are most energized. With this in mind, you should be able to determine the hours where you feel most active and fruitful and make sure to schedule all the more-difficult tasks around that period of the day. This will get you to make the job done faster. The easy errands and the menial/non-thinking jobs are best done during your most active hours. Plus, when you become a producer, you will be less worried and more energized because you’ll finish more sooner.

  1. Get some air

Go outside and get some fresh air, even if it is cloudy! These can take your mind off the stresses inside the office or your home. The vitamin D you will obtain from getting out can give a lift to your losing energy and down spirit.

These tips, although basic will do wonders for lifting your energy. Rather than feeling stressed and down that you’re so tired, do something about it. Once you do, you’ll find the energy that you thought you lost.

from the book “Lifestyle Renewal and Healthy Living” available on this website

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