Sleep – we all need it

I do not seem to need more than 6 hours sleep a day and sometimes get worried that I need more and it is affecting my brain. As well as meditation and concentrating on breathing in a relaxed way while trying to go to sleep, I have found the following to assist me in going to sleep –

I do a few exercises including resistance ones half an hour before going to bed. These are not difficult exercises but more relaxing ones where you use your muscles a little like lying on the floor and lifting your legs, arms or torso of the floor etc. This is all part of my relaxation routine which can also include playing the guitar for 15 minutes, or just listening to quieter music.

Sometimes I find myself worrying about things, so now I write a list in the evening while the ads are on TV about my anxieties, worries or things I want to accomplish and I review them during the day to see if I am doing something to resolve them.

Hopefully this blog has helped you if you have difficulty going to sleep and if you have any tips, please add your say so that every reader to my blog can benefit.


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