Changes in our community and our world for young people

There is more freedom of expression, pre-marital sex is the norm and there is less respect for other people and their property. The marriage is not looked on as a permanent agreement or contract any more, since divorce was made easier. Due to the high divorce rate, there is more government and community involvement in marriage counselling, but probably not enough preparation to help young couples cope with parenthood, child psychology, understanding a baby’s needs and for resolution of conflict between partners. Lack of local employment and use of drugs has lead to a rise in thefts from homes and businesses. More needs to be done on the community level to help people to become more involved in their community, including the requirement of people receiving government benefits to contribute, within their capabilities, in some way to the community. This would give a sense of purpose, an aim in life and a valuable role as part of their community, where they would mix with people of all ages and in return, get satisfaction from their voluntary work. People mixing in their community in this way, then give more consideration and help to each other. There are social benefits from community involvement
Many young people do their own thing, but also contribute to society. Their attitudes to work, way of life, relationships and purpose in life have changed. I am one of those people, as my lifestyle and work are largely my own making, although still affected by the lack of jobs available and economic situation. I can still pursue my own goals, use my talents and enjoy life. All over the world, people who genuinely want a job have submitted numerous applications or faced many unsuccessful job interviews. They feel dejected and begin to lack self confidence and self esteem. Sometimes, it takes a different approach and different attitudes to work and earning an income.
By Gerard Castles – author of the book “Lifestylerenewal and Healthy Living” available in printed form or as an ebook
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