India day bus trip to Agra and the taj mahal

In the centre of New Delhi number of bus companies offered tours to the famous Taj Mahal. Early one morning, I boarded one of these tour buses, which turned out to be an adventure “Indian style”. The courier was a no nonsense man who literally plonked everyone in their seats and worked hard to settle the impatient Indian tourists when difficulties arose. There were only three non Indian passengers on the bus and we were put together in the back seat, where we soon learnt to mimic his assurance “Now listeners, we will soon leave Old Delhi and we are heading towards Agra” The reason he repeated these words so often was because the driver trying to get onto the road to Agra, kept running into barricaded streets in Old Delhi. Finally, having run out of patience, the courier removed a barrier, despite resistance from the police and we were finally on our way to Agra. On our route to the Taj Mahal, we stopped at a government Marble store, where beautiful marble tables and ornaments could be purchased very cheaply and even shipped home if required. After a lunch of curried vegetables and lemonade to cool the throat, we saw all over the fantastic Taj Mahal. This absolutely beautiful mosque is awesome, yet serene and I felt that I could look at it all day. It is perfectly symmetrical with a tower on each corner, ornate principal arches on two sides and domed roof. It is all faced off in off white marble superbly carved. In front of the mosque are lush green lawns and tropical gardens, dissected in the middle by a long moat which reflects the breathless beauty of the Taj Mahal.
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