self relisation

Self Realisation – the meaning of the whole universe is contained in the Self which is in the heart of every man and it is in his very nature to seek that meaning by action and by experience.. To discover your inner self, you need to withdraw from the things of the external world. You need to find a quiet time to meditate.

Each must discover the heavenliness, the expanding universe of his own being.

Spirituality is not dull respectability nor pious conformity, but a life exquisite, intense, full of romance, alluring and mysterious.

The whole sense of one’s importance is merely an evaluation of self by self.

Each must discover his own way in life by delving deeply into the depths of the mind.


Wisdom lies less in what we learn and more in our reactions to that learning; less in quantity and more in quality of knowledge of principles; less in the possession of ideas and more in the right employment of them. We must absorb our experiences and knowledge into our being which is an immortal reflection of the soul.

Those who have therefore found the centre of balance are open to the riches of the world.


The state of love is the state of grace. The development of that state and the unlocking of mysteries will bring one to the condition where there is no separation between oneself and others. Love for fellow humans is the only force which does not create separation between oneself and others or add to the complications of Karma. This love is impartial, non-possessive and wholly beneficial.


Unity – without this principle there can be no coherence, no hope and no certainty of harmony in this world of turmoil and diversity. Unity holds differences together. I lies in Law, it lies in Purpose, it lies in Love, it lies in the soul of Beauty.


Freedom – it is wonderful to be free and live an active full life in the quality of one’s own individuality while living in harmony of fellow humans. This can happen when you are free of the craving for sensation, free of former conditioning and our spirit if free. When we help other, we do not interfere with their lives by imposing our ideas on them, but always acting in the spirit of sympathy and connecting with their troubles and joys. This is true friendship


Friendship – only when we reach out with love to help and serve do we develop that consciousness which embodies the awareness of our essential unity with others. Approach your friend with the attitude that you are seeking to understand while showing respect and you will be able to help effectively and be of value.


A person who aspires to help the world greatly must be able to face all situations calmly and make the best of them. They have dignity, self respect and humility.


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