Sunshine Coast write up of a book for Carers of others

This is the write up I received especially on my Carers Companion book in the digital version of today’s Sunshine Coast Daily newspaper

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A passionate Sunshine Coast author is calling on the community to help him help others.

After many years immersing himself in all aspects of Coast life, including lifesaving, environmental conservation, travel and taking on the role of full-time carer for his mother, Gerard Castles wants to share his valuable life lessons with others.

He has written four self-funded e-books all based on significant and challenging experiences in his life.

A Carer’s Companion is a compassionate guide that helps to break down the emotional rigmarole for an individual finding themselves in a new role as a carer.

Mr Castles said it was unlike any other guide because it offered a humorous insight into a sometimes harrowing role.

“It’s a very difficult role being a carer and you can face some horrifically sad situations,” he said.

“But I thought to myself ‘surely there must be some humour somewhere in this’. So I attended many carers meetings and did about two years research to find all these personal stories.”

Mr Castles said about half the book entails funny stories carers have passed on from their experiences, designed to lift the spirit of others in similar roles which is essential for the livelihood of both them and their patient. The other half of the book offers tips, coping mechanisms and advice.

The author is looking for volunteers or sponsors with experience in marketing or publishing to help him distribute his life-inspiring books to a larger audience.

He believes his work can help individuals find purpose and self-esteem.

“I am not in it to make money, I just want my books to help and I think they can, especially for the youth,” Mr Castles said.

contact Gerard by email

Gerard Castles currently has a set of his novels available as E-books at the Sunshine Coast Library and remains one of the only local authors to have his content available at the facility.

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  1. That is an awesome achievement Gerard Congratulations and good luck with finding some help in the form of a sponsor or mentor

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