The Mindset of Man – written by me in 2014

The mindset of mankind in our world manifests itself in anxiety, jealousy, unhappiness in life and violent attacks many of which are unprovoked.

My Lifestylerenewal and Healthy living book and Carers Companion book are written to empower people to improve their lifestyle, health and overcome obstacles in life which cause anxiety or anger by helping the reader to meditate, think things over and use common sense. These books are really needed especially in impoverished sections of our society where there are often financial problems, more stress, plus reliance on drugs and alcohol to help cope with life. The books are a benefit to everyone to help change their outlook on life to a more positive one, engage time management, face difficulties and to also look after your health.

Buying my books from this website will enable me to distribute my books more to the less fortunate countries. thankyou from Gerard


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