Being positive and not giving up

Over the past 25 days I have been through a lot that has really tested my ability to remain happy and positive. Firstly, I was riding my bike and was hit by a car which did not stop to assist. As a result I ended up in hospital for two days while my wounds were patched and and was also checked out that I had no permanent head injuries. My helmet protected my head. So I was out of hospital for two days and then went back in for a scheduled Hernia operation in the groin area. The strong pain killers made be very ill after the operation and I could not keep anything down, not even water until I was taken off them. Another two days later I was released and had some support back at home. The pain was bad and I had internal bleeding on a few occasions which caused pain and swelling. This was starting to cause me to get very depressed and anxious about whether I would heal OK. After visits to my doctor and an ultrasound, I am told that since it is now just over 3 weeks since the operation, I should hopefully be on the mend. Indeed the pain has reduced and I can walk a little better and further. While going through all this I kept myself occupied and also positive by teaching myself some French, updating my Travel in a Changing World book and updating my files, throwing out anything that was no longer needed, not to mention tidying out kitchen draws and just sitting in the sun to relax. Some of the numbness, deeper pain and swelling will reduce with time and gradually I will be able to get back to a more normal routine. In the meantime, I am improving my travel books as the British library has expressed interest in having them in their collection later this year. We all go through tough times and tough years, but if you stay positive , then the good times will return and you will get enjoyment and opportunity to achieve your goals.

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