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Gerard Castles lived most of his life in Australia, but also in the UK and has travelled extensively between various form of employment in many countries.

Early years – worked as Insurance clerk and Dept of Education and travelled overseas. Year 2000 – travelled around the world – revisited Western Australia, South Africa, UK and Europe, plus travelled over all of Argentina and Chile and Northland in New Zealand on the way back home.

In December 2007, Gerard sold his house on the Gold Coast and travelled around most of eastern Australia, meeting people and collecting last minute material for his book “Travelling in a Changing World

Valuable advice from the Gold Coast Writers group, which helped improve the book to capture an audience. First published in 2010-now updated in 2016 and consists of 700 pages of fascinating stories sourced from his travel diaries.

In 2015, Gerard went on a World tour to Europe, Brazil and Kong Kong to gather further information to update my book in2015 on how the world has changed from the view of a traveller revisiting various areas of the world.

Published in two separate books – Volumes 1 to 4 contain descriptions and photos taken from the earlier travels experiences which are now of significant historical importance.

Volumes 5 to 8 are mainly or travel from the last twenty years up to 2016 and record changes in lifestyle, land use and the environment in places revisited two or three decades later.

Gerard has also published recently Carers Companion which includes humorous stories and useful information. It is a unique resource written for Carers by a qualified carer, but would be of interest for any reader.

He has also published a  book titled “Lifestyle Renewal and Healthy Living”. It was updated in 2014  and is available as an ebook or in printed form from on this site. The National Library of Australia and State Libraries of Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria contain copies of all books.

“I do wish you all the best and every success with your book. It is an achievement to write a book and you should feel proud of yourself and what you have done.

Hope it’s a best seller.


 Ita Buttrose”          –    quoted with permission from Ita Buttrose and Harry. M. Miller

Gerard’s interest in land use, architecture, art, people, farming, music and gardening are reflected in these books.

Over the past twelve years, Gerard has developed a reputation of being an expert of travel, lifestyle and health information.

He has hosted many travel seminars on the Gold Coast, Sydney and Melbourne and his book “Lifestyle Renewal and Healthy Living” was utilised by business managers to promote better health and lifestyle for their employees, which led to happier staff and higher production output.