Travel In A Changing World (Book 1)





Shows how the world has changed from travel in the 1970s up to the present. It is a fascinating and informative historical record over these decades and includes updates of best travel attractions to experience now.

SUMMARY OF BOOK ONE                                                                                        

Volume One – covers Gerard’s first overseas trip in 1976 where he visited for the first time Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Nepal, India, Istanbul and Athens. His description of these places takes the reader back in time to how these places were over thirty years ago. There are comments through the text on how some of these places had changed when he revisited them twenty to thirty years later, whether it be change in the lifestyle of the people or change in the landscape, urban areas and facilities. Gerard travelled extensively in Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia in 1996. There is an extensive section on Europe.

Volume Two – describes in detail Gerard’s comprehensive travels for over three months around Canada and the United States of America. Architecture, scenery and people met were all well documented in his travel diaries and this volume largely uses text from the diaries to create an enjoyable trip around North America when the reader can easily visualise and experience. Like in Volume One, there are an average of two colour photos on each page which relates to the text surrounding it to really give the reader a feeling that they on a journey with the writer.

Volume Three – takes the reader through the Pacific Islands of Hawaii, Oahu, Maui, Fiji, New Caledonia, New Zealand and Papua. During the early 21st Century, Gerard revisited New Zealand, New Caledonia and Papua, so the chapters on these locations describe how the peoples’ lifestyles have changed as well as the landscape and facilities for travellers. The commentary includes useful information and as well as a vivid description of these exotic locations in a special part of the earth. The reader will be able to visualise the country from the dialogue and colour photos of the locations how they were and what they look like today.

Volume Four – must be the most comprehensive travel diary description of Britain ever published in the world. Gerard has been to Britain five times since 1976 and as well actually living and working there, he has travelled extensively to almost every square inch of Britain. They reader can enjoy actually being there and feeling the culture, landscape and peoples from his intimate descriptions. In the chapters taken from his Year 2000 travel diaries, he describes the changes in Britain, especially in southern England where urban areas have spread over the countryside, lifestyles and people’s attitudes have changed.


Volume Five – shows the reader of what Hong Kong was like in 1994 and travels into China to experience the major tourist attractions, the people, their everyday lives, the rapidly changing landscape  and how this country is so unique. Book Two including volumes 5 to 8 was updated in January 2016.

Volume Six – covers my travels around South Africa in 1994 and Year 200 and also all around Argentina and Chile from Iguazu in the north to the end of the world in Argentina’s Antarctic Territory across the Beagle Strait to Rondo Island. In the chapters on South Africa and South America, there are detailed descriptions of the landscapes, wildlife, changes in the environment and lifestyles of the people, included the last indigenous tribe in Patagonia, Chile and Brazil.

Volume Seven – covers all of Australia in detail from descriptions of the landscape from the lush coastal mountains, seascapes and the harsh arid interior. From Tasmania to the Kimberleys and from Byron Bay to Broome and Perth, the changes in land use and lifestyles are noted. There are vivid descriptions of the most scenic parts of Australia.

Volume Eight – fascinating Life Stories revolved around Travel in this Changing World from my own experiences and fellow travellers and includes Gerard’s includes Life travel experiences in 2015 to Brazil and revisiting Europe, Britain and Hong Kong also in 2015.A revised edition of Book Two volumes 5 to 8 was completed in January 2016

Book One and Book Two – both $14.95 each (Australian).


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