Lifestyle Renewal and Healthy Living


The book Lifestyle Renewal and Healthy Living is just flat-out classic! After reading this compelling book about lifestyle and self-improvement, I feel a whole lot better about myself and I feel like I can do anything that I focus my mind on.

This entire book emphases lifestyle renewal and health living, This book taught me about many interested health topics and gave me a positive outlook towards life and the future in general. The book also focuses on overcoming life’s challenges and staying strong.

In my opinion, living a balanced life is also one of the main aspects that this book focused on.  This book was very motivating and inspiring and inspired me to live a healthier lifestyle also.

This book provides practical tips and advice ranging from simple solutions to life’s issues to easy home remedies that will help you heal yourself.  Lifestyle Renewal and Healthy Living isn’t just a “read-once-only-book” where you then keep it on your shelves after reading it once. This is a good reference material as well. If you have questions about life, dig into this book’s pages and you’ll definitely find what the information your body needs.

Peter Kennedy  Tunbridge Wells, England 


 The lifestylerenewal Health Information package is well worthwhile.  I keep referring to it for natural cures or good advice to improve my health and stamina. There is so much information in it, that I have to access the information in it from my Health folder where I have the information saved. The advice in this package has helped me to improve my diet, energy levels and overall health. Thanks – I no longer feel sluggish, but really well and have much more energy which lasts all day.

 Marie Louise


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Travel in a Changing World


After reading the book “Travel in a Changing World”, I knew right then and there that this was a great book and that I had to share it with others. After all, I am very interested in history and travelling and this book kept my attention from the very beginning.

The title shows the beauty of the world from 1970’s up to this modern world through the best places, tourist attractions and breathtaking photos that cultivate a sensational experience in journeying the beautiful changing world. And, you see this even without going outside your own home however, after you read it, you will definitely want to do so. 

The photos of the different places that are included in each page makes the book a lot more interesting and enticing also. In fact, I didn’t want to stop turning the pages to see all the places and read all the fascinating information about it. With the photos, readers like me can easily relate to the experience of the author as well as visualize every detail. The result is that the reader experiences a valid and photographic description of each places and attractions that entices them to travel, travel, travel.

Travel in a Changing World is a great piece of literature that essentially records all significant things you need to know about the past and the current world and the changes that happened in between to the people, the lifestyle, the events and more.  I highly recommend this book.

Mark Lindsay. Sydney Australia


Travel in a changing world – is a fascinating journey to many parts of the world describing the scenery, places worth seeing, land use and peoples. It shows how lifestyles and landscapes have changed in regions revisited twenty to thirty years later. The reader can visualise the places that Gerard writes about, plus there are photos on every page to enhance the feeling of actually being there. The book includes many Travel tips, and all of the following and much more. Travel in a Changing World – Book one – volumes 1 to 4 and Book two – volumes 5 to 8. 

Claudia Wright  Vancouver Canada


Hi Gerard

 On behalf of the travel club Kawana, all the members agree that you are a marvellous and valued guest speaker and have written some interesting and entertaining travel books which give us fascinating stories, plus information on how our world of travel is changing. 

Thankyou for your contribution to our club as a sought after guest speaker and for your enthralling stories of your travels including how you manage to overcome difficult situations.

Cheers Jo


 I do wish you all the best and every success with your book. It is an achievement to write a book and you should feel proud of yourself and what you have done.

Hope it’s a best seller.


 Ita Buttrose” (quoted with permission from Ita Buttrose and Harry M Miller.


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Carers Companion


My assessment of Carers Companion… Awesome!  This book provides valuable insight and is remarkably comprehensive. Although it has some humor sprinkled throughout, it is very serious at the same time. Actually, one of the things that compelled me to purchase this book is the very interesting cover. In fact, while reading through Carers Companion, you’ll notice how the ideas are carefully presented. Clarity, important insights, humor and the ability to connect with its readers are all characteristics that are inherent in this book. Plus, the book’s occasional light humor added a unique twist. Normally, when careers gather around and talk, they normally talk about sad stories or heartwarming ones that are insightful but sill kind of downing. However, this book is the complete opposite. It shares its stories and makes you think without bringing down your mood.

It keeps your interest and gives you advice on care giving. You’ll have the “ah” moments after learning the book’s advice on care giving that just isn’t common to the public. In addition, this book is full of great ideas and I give it a 10 with 10 being the highest rating, of course!


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